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Upcoming IONA Webcasts

I just wanted to briefly point out our upcoming Webcast series.
I think I probably need to do an entire entry about “What is an ESB” since there are so many definitions out there, but for now I will just take the easy way out 😉 and say that the Webcast series will include a lot of information about a good approach to an ESB that is decentralized, distributed, and very economical to adopt.


Extensible ESB Webcast

Wednesday January 26 at 2 pm Ivan Casanova and I are presenting a Webcast on the extensible ESB.
The Enterprise Service Bus is an evolution of middleware technology that supports modern integration requirements, especially around Web service-enabled Service Oriented Architecture.
An Extensible ESB provides the enterprise level qualities of service necessary for mission critical deployments.
IONA has been working with customers on CORBA-based mission-critical SOA deployments for more than 10 years, and we are applying the lessons learned to Web services-based SOA.
Ivan and I will be talking about:

  • The evolution of distributed systems, including the growing popularity of SOA
  • The role of Web services
  • What value-add the ESB brings
  • What “extensibility” is and why it’s so important
  • Three customer use cases, including a very large deployment

I hope you can join us!

Web Services Training

Rich Bonneau and I taught the inagural Web services training class — fittingly enough in Wasington, DC March 9. The feedback was all very, very positive, and encouraging for the next scheduled courses.
A version of the course has been given at Comdex last year, and was also well received. Recently we won an RFP to provide Web services training for Lockheed Martin.
The training course, like my best-selling book, is technology training, not product training.

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