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Moon Over Fenway

Last week Jane and I got to go see a Red Sox game. Unfortunately, after they had won about six in a row they got pounded, 8-5. David Wells got booed right onto the disabled list when Terry finally pulled him.
David Wells Serves up Another Meatball
David Wells Getting Ready to Serve Up Another Meatball
But it was a great night – the weather was warm, enough, and it didn’t rain or snow. One year I took my son on his birthday – April 11 – and the game was delayed while they shoveled snow out of the outfield and the bleachers.
And it was clear enough so that we could see the almost full moon hovering over right field, just to the right of the [unmentionable brand of beer] sign.
Waiting for the Commercials to Finish
Waiting for the TV Commercials to Finish
On the plus side, we did get to see David Ortiz hit a home run. And from where we were sitting on the third base line, just into the outfield, we got a great view of the hot corner, shortstop, and second base action. The way major league infielders handle the ball is very impressive.
And of course, whatever else you might say, it is still Fenway Park. One of the last of the originals everyone else is now busy copying.