About Me

I’ve worked in and around enterprise software systems for about 35 years. Specific interests include database management, transaction processing, middleware and distributed computing, Web services and REST/HTTP, SOA, microservices, modularity, and industrial and scientific development methods.

I’m very pleased now to be working at WSO2 and joining the team leading the way on digital enterprise transformation. Consistent with the current maturity level of enterprise IT, and the need to move to the next generation of infrastructure and software, standardization and improved design has become more important than ever as we move to cloud native/scale out designs.

Between technology company roles I worked for about 10 years in financial services, where I introduced SOA designs and new technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes (in OpenShift), Active MQ, Kafka, CI/CD, Hadoop, and microservices. Blogging is not as much part of the culture there as it is in technology. Posts from those days related more to my personal interests as a result.

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