Mergers and acquisitions – Don’t be like Salesforce

The success of a merger or acquisition depends quite a bit on the integration of the IT systems of both companies.

In a recent article published by Data Center Dynamics, I offer some perspective on four major acquisitions from 2020:

— Actifio by Google

— Slack by Salesforce

–Kustomer by Facebook

–Wondery by Amazon

Of Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Salesforce, only Salesforce does not run on modern, commodity server infrastructure – meaning both hardware and software. This means the integration of their traditional CRM application with Slack’s stack will be much less straightforward.

This by itself doesn’t make or break an acquisition, but because Salesforce has its eye on competing with Microsoft among others offering integrated capabilities, it’s definitely going to present a challenge.

If you are considering an acquisition, or just looking to improve your chances of integrating with another IT environment, it will really help to build a foundation of abstract APIs and – if you can – migrate to cloud native infrastructure.

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