Starting up Modular IT Service

I wanted to get everything ready for EclipseCon / OSGi Dev Con next week, in case I could get some conversations started about OSGi adoption plans.

Of course I “prioritized” getting the Web site and email going (ok those of you who just shouted “you mean procrastinated” get 10 points 😉 and didn’t investigate what meant by including a basic Web site in the domain name registration charge.

It turns out they force you to use their Widget and designs, and limit you to a single page.  The widget is not bad, but there are some funny things.  I can’t figure out how to center the name under my photo, and when I tried to move the “blog” widget under the main text widget, the text disappeared.

One good thing though, I could include links to my blogs and to the public LinkedIn profile so I didn’t have to put too much on the page other than the purpose of the new service – which is to help organizations create strategic plans for improving product and application development, with a focus on adopting a more modular approach and using the OSGi Framework.

Hope to see you at the ‘con!


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