Daily Archives: June 2, 2008

Saturday’s Tribute to Jim Gray

Hearing today from a friend who attended, I find myself wishing I’d gone out for it. Pat had even sent me an early draft of his contribution. I really should have.

I understand the video will be posted in a couple of days – I will definitely check back for them.

In the meantime, John Markoff has published a nice writeup after the fact, and the LA Times di a good front page piece the day before (I notice Stonehenge also made page 1 that day).

I didn’t know Jim that well, but I knew him well enough to remember his exceptional kindness, friendship, and dedication. And as I have said many times, no one helped us more with our TP book than Jim. The last time I heard from him, in fact, was his (as usual) helpful review of our proposal for a second edition, which we are still trying to finish (hopefully this summer).

The best tribute I can think of is to do the kind of job he’d want me to do. I am just sorry it doesn’t really look like I will be hearing from him directly (and kindly, of course) how and where I didn’t quite measure up…