Annoyances (2): CTO is not CIO

Would someone please tell everyone who has apparently acquired my name and phone number from a marketing database service that I am not IONA’s CIO?

I drive the company’s technology strategy and our standards participation.

I do not buy servers, database management systems, operating systems (well, except for myself), phone systems, backup systems, SAP consulting, or broadband services. You can take me off your spam list.

My role is advisory -a classic software industry CTO position. (I do realize that a lot of CIOs are using the CTO title now, but that doesn’t mean we have to forget the classic definition, does it?)

I do not hire developers (especially not in India!) and I do not hire consultants or market research companies. I do not buy mailing lists, I do not need help optimizing my Web site, and I do not want to attend your executive event. You can stop calling.

I am very sorry about all of that, since I know what it’s like to cold call. But unfortunately, I can’t respond to any of your numerous voicemails and emails, because that would just make things worse. And I’m sorry but I can’t refer you to someone else, either.

Maybe you can get a refund from whoever sold you my name. If someone has included my name on a list of sales prospects, that is an error -perhaps it’s simply list padding.

I also wish I had a good way to let you know – unfortunately I also doubt very much that you’re reading my blog.


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