Epitome of the Style

Yes, they are both about 60 years old, and many in the audience were, like me and my brother Tor and our friends Merrill and Brett, no longer the young rock ‘n’ roll fans we once were.

But this nonetheless had to be the epitome of classic rock, Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton together, playing everything from the blues, to soul music, Traffic, Hendrix, Blind Faith, Derek & the Dominoes, and various solo numbers from each other’s back catalogues. I have heard and seen many comments to the effect of this being the best concert ever… Certainly one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. The two masters are each great in their own right but clearly enjoyed playing together and just nailed tune after tune after tune…with a great rhythm section, no big band or backup singers this time. Like one of the reviewers said, this was a different Eric Clapton than with Cream in 2005. Much better – and it has to be Winwood, and the result of a collaboration rather than competition.

I know I am late, at least in blogosphere time, in posting this but better late than never. Same with putting the videos up on You Tube.

Actually quite a lot has been posted on You Tube from the three nights, and many comments as well. Here’s the most popular one that I posted:

Excerpt of Winwood & Clapton playing Hendrix tune “Little Wing” at MSG 2/28

This was definitely one of the highlights. “Voodoo Chile” and “Double Trouble” were two others – with Clapton absolutely nailing two of the best guitar solos of all time during the latter. The organ/guitar jam on the former was incredible, and made me wish there had been more organ solos. Winwood is so versatile though – such a great singer, piano player, and such a great guitar player, trading solos with Clapton on several songs, including “Cocaine” and “Dear Mr. Fantasy” (the encore last Thursday) and certainly holding his own. In fact not many guitar players are better than Winwood, Clapton being among a relatively small handful.

Our seats were great, about halfway up the risers toward the back of the MSG floor, on the right, with a clear view of the stage. One piece of bad luck – a very loud mouthed New Yorker and his friends sat directly in back of us. “OH MY GAWD!” “HE STILL HAS HIS SEVENTIES VOICE!” “HE IS JUST AS GOOD AS WHEN WE SAW HIM IN THE 70s MAYBE BETTER” “WOW IT’S ‘LITTLE WING’ ” etc. and on and on at the top of his lungs, as if he could onl enjoy the show by constantly talking over it. No doubt he will be bragging to all of his friends what a great show it was, despite the fact he didn’t really listen to it.

I can’t wait for the DVD. I hope they get all the songs on it, not like Crossroads where they cut out a bunch of stuff, and changed the order on some others (not that anyone who wasn’t there would notice, but still).

Afterwards we walked up to Times Square to an excellent Belgian beer bar to rehash the evening.

The weather was a bit cold and windy outside, but the memories are still warm.


2 responses to “Epitome of the Style

  1. Ah, you must have checked out BXL, one of my favorite haunts in the neighborhood.
    Would have also loved to make the concert, but I guess that’s why we’ve got Netflix.

  2. Yes, BXL it was. We went twice over the course of three days actually. Great little place, especially for the Times Square area.
    I am expecting a killer DVD! Can’t wait.

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