Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007: Pretty Good Concert ;-)

It was long, and sometimes hot, and the ground was covered with some hard plastic tiles, but it was about as good a day of guitar music as anyone could hope for.

MSN has some clips available (although strangely not of Steve Winwood’s “Dear Mr. Fantasy”).

Official summary was very positive, of course…but there was really not much to complain about other than a few sound system glitches.

The Tribune blog reprinted the reviewer’s final with a bit more balanced view, although still full of deserved superlatives, and including something that John, Brett, and I picked up on – who was that unbelievable young bass player with Jeff Beck?

The details from the Tribune blog on the other hand highlighted B.B. King passing the torch. I would have said it was more like Eric Clapton passing the torch… to Derek Trucks. I would also quibble with his opinion that Susan Tedeshi “nearly stole the show” from Derek Trucks. (Sorry but Susan is not Derek, no matter how well she sings!)

Some good photos on the Rolling Stone site.

Additional info here, along with a couple of video clips.


The photo John took of me and Brett.


The photo I took of John.

More photos and notes on Flickr.

(If I get my video clips uploaded I’ll update the blog.)

Update, first video uploaded:

update 2: someone posted a Clapton/Derek Trucks duet.

Update 3, Aug 3

Rest of the videos finally uploaded:

John McLaughlin

Derek Trucks Band

Susan Tedeschi

Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi

B.B. King

Eric Clapton

Robbie Robertson

Steve Winwood

Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood

Steve Winwood & Eric Clapton

Steve Winwood – guitar solo

Buddy Guy et al


4 responses to “Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007: Pretty Good Concert ;-)

  1. I’m quite jealous…
    Next time you’re in Chicago let me know and I’ll swing by. I usually go there every month or two to see people/companies. Hope you’re doing well.

  2. Hi Dan – Yeah, it was really great. I noticed that a lot of video is getting uploaded to YouTube. I didn’t get mine up right away – still have that to do – but plenty of other folks have. They allowed small cameras so I’m sure lots of people did what I did – took some photos and videos with digital cameras.
    I will definitely let you know next time I’m heading to Chicago. Would be great to meet up again & hang out.

  3. Sara Callendor

    I wish Jordan Rivers was at the Cross Roads show, it’s sad to think he’s one of the best, but he’s from gospel rock, blues music, so even though he’s world class,he’s still not yet mainstream as Clapton and the rest.
    I hope in the future we can see this great guitar player on stage in future CrossRoads events.

  4. Re Sara’s comment – this is my first time I’ve heard of Jordan Rivers.
    (Google the name at your own risk BTW there’s a male porn star with the same name 😉
    A bit of Web searching turns up a kind of minor phenomenon around him – he has a bunch of rabid fans, including christians. I will have to check out some of the tunes sometime…

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