Off to Chicago

This afternoon I’m heading to Chicago for tomorrow’s Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival. I’m going to meet my friend Brett from New Zealand there, and we’ll be going down to Toyota Park with my friend John from Chicago.

I’m really looking forward to this – the festival has probably the best lineup of guitar players on one stage anywhere. Looks like they will be broadcasting on MSN

By sheer conicidence, my son Alex is heading out tomorrow for the Rock the Bells festival in New York, where he’ll finally have a chance to see one of his favorite bands, Rage Against the Machine.

Last year when my brother and I were at the Cream reunion in New York, Alex was at the Audioslave concert in Virginia, near his college.

Brett and I are also going to see Walter Trout at the House of Blues tonight.

And of course I need to find time to go visit the Jazz Record Mart while I’m in town – always manage to spend too much there and somehow never seem to have enough blues CDs…

Should be a great weekend!


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