Report on Workshop on Web of Services for Enterprise Computing

The report is finally out for the Workshop on Web of Services for Enterprise Computing.
First, my apologies for the delay in getting this out. I think it still probably could use some work, but hopefully it includes most of the good stuff that can out in the Workshop.
I’d also really like to thank, once again, everyone who participated. Speaking for myself, the Workshop was a really great experience and I learned a lot. It was a privilege to be in the same room with the folks who attended.
Now I’m going to go out on a bit of a limb here and say that there’s been a bit of a detente recently in the REST vs SOAP debates, because I’d like to think that the Workshop has played a role in that.
I am seeing a lot of former WS-* advocates starting to give REST its due, and a good number of the “RESTafarians” starting to acknowledge the fact that people are getting value out of WS-*.
Whether the Workshop has really had a hand in that or not, I am pleased to see the debate being conducted on a more reasonable and rational basis.
Of course someone can always prove me wrong about that 😉 But I truly think it’s important that the industry as a whole understands the pros and cons of each approach.

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