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Response to Gregor on transactions

Update June 7: I realized after I published this that I forgot to thank Gregor for his kind words about IONA. As long as I’m at it I should also have added that it strikes me that Gregor is a “right tool for the job” kind of guy, too.
Gregor has posted a very interesting reply to part of my entry about his presentation on InfoQ.
I don’t see a place to post a comment on his blog so I will answer here.
I did read through the Starbucks piece before, probably a year or so ago, and it is a nice explanation of why transactions aren’t needed in some situations. I also realize it is just an analogy to illustrate a good point (i.e. don’t automatically think you need transactions, use them appropriately etc.). I am a “right tool for the job” type person so I completely agree with him on that.
But I started thinking about it again after watching the presentation and it struck me that it was a bit like suggesting that you would consider using transactions to run a crane or something. Transactions are designed to capture data about something in the real world, not to interact with the real world directly. So of course you wouldn’t use transactions to serve coffee.
Anyway, I think one of the reasons I reacted to it a bit differently when he brought it up in the presentation (which I still absolutely recommend watching) is that there’s been a lot of negative stuff about transactions lately – and this just as I’ve been finishing up about 5 years of work on the specifications for Web services transactions. I think transactions are being misrepresented as something evil for an SOA environment, which they are not.
I really hope I am not guilty of being too religious about this stuff just because I’ve been working on it for a long time 😉 But I really think that transactions should not be dismissed as inappropriate for SOA without first evaluating whether or not you need them, or would benefit from them. And to do that it’s necessary to understand what transactions were designed for, and how they should be used appropriately.
It is definitely interesting to see some of the alternatives being proposed. Mark Little and I proposed one ourselves in the WS-CAF work – one that supports the federation of different transation models, and is designed to support long running asynchronous environments like those in loosely coupled SOA and BPM types of deployments. As far as we could tell though no one seemed very interested in it, and we’ve just sort of let the spec sit there.
I find it hard to believe (in following one of the links Gregor posted) that eBay doesn’t use any transactions at all, but I haven’t had time to really read through everything yet. I can certainly believe they don’t use distributed transactions, but database transactions are pretty fast. Anyway, I will finish reading up on those things – thanks for the pointers. This comes at a good time because Phil and I are trying to finish up the second edition of Principles of Transaction Processing
ps Gregor – the reason I didn’t meet you at this year’s Microsoft MVP Summit is that I could only attend the first day and a half…maybe next time!