Blog spam

Would somebody please enter a legitimate comment or post a legitimate trackback?
I know I am behind on blogging, but I’ve been out of the office for most of the past couple of weeks and I get back from this week away and I have about 200 blog spam to delete and a couple of dozen phony trackbacks.
Some of the entries are pretty clever, and I guess it’s progress of a sort to have more of them about MP3s and ringtones than porn, but it is still very annoying and if anything it’s getting worse…
Maybe if I look on the bright side this is one way I know that my blog is getting some traffic? Still it would be great to get a legit comment just so I can be sure I remember what one looks like….


10 responses to “Blog spam

  1. Hi Eric,
    You’ve got at least one regular reader 😉
    r.e. blog spam, MT-Blacklist seems to work pretty well.
    Also, r.e. WS-Context (your previous post), I haven’t had a chance to read the spec yet, but do you really think that point-to-point WS connections are the best way to manage shared state? Surely some form of broad-/multi-cast based solution would be better?

  2. Couldn’t see your request go unanswered. Have you tried installing Askimet? Very effective way to filter out comment and trackback spam.
    It’s available as a plug-in for use with Movable Type.
    Download and documentation is available here:

  3. I would highly recommend getting your admin to install the Askimet spam plugin. With it I am able to have an open comment policy as it handles all the leg work for me. Every now and then I still have to flag a comment as spam, but thats maybe once a week.

  4. Although it has its issues, I’ve been very happy in the last few months with a CAPTCHA solution — and I’ve set trackbacks to never publish without moderation.

  5. Well, I am reading you, and I am not spammer. I think. Only, I find myself not posting many comments recently, either in this blog or in any other, including mine.

  6. One legitimate blog comment, coming right up!
    You should really look at Akismet – it works extraordinarily well. Only about one or two false negatives a week and hardly any false positives. So far it’s caught and removed over 10,000 spam comments from my blog — I can’t imagine having to manage that manually.

  7. Surely what you need is a spam interceptor (excuse the artix pun).

  8. Thanks guys, both for the good advice about anti spam tools (I will definitely be checking out Akismet and CAPTCHA), and for helping to restore my faith in blogging. 😉
    To Ian – response to the question about WS-Context – WS-Context is designed to work with both point to point and other MEPs, including broadcast/multicast. There’s no restriction in the spec that would preclude its use in that kind of scenario. I guess most of the examples I gave were point to point, so I should try to remember to include examples of multicast/broadcast/notification style usages in the future. Thanks again!

  9. Eric,
    A few solutions for your spam issue:
    Captcha is a word validation for comments, something easy for humans to enter but spam bots can’t. You can find the MT plugin at:
    Akismet is a spam filtering service that works great as well. I am using this on another blog of mine with no issues. You can find the MT plugin at:
    Hope those help…

  10. FYI, Captcha is not safe anymore, at least spam still on my blog. and i read some report about it.
    But i do have a spam filter, which will filter the spam, so the spam will not show up on the post

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