Daily Archives: April 10, 2007

Taking an open step

I first met James Strachan at a conference back in October, 2005, although I’d heard about him before that from my former DEC colleague, John Apps.
We were talking about JBI, Java, and related stuff when a well-dressed, energetic guy came over inserted himself into the converstation. It turned out to be Winston Damarillo, which was my introduction to him and his company, SimulaLabs. I had heard the Gluecode story (of course) but was not aware that Winston had started another company, which was basically an incubator of open source products such as ServiceMix. Since that time I’ve seen and talked with Winston many times, and of course today we released the announcement of the acquisition that brings James and his colleagues into IONA.
Debbie has written this up pretty well already, so there’s not much more for me to say but to welcome James and the rest of the LogicBlaze folks to IONA
This may seem like a relatively small acquisition, but it is a huge step for us, and hopefully for open source SOA in general.