Celtix progress – new site, 1.1 release

Yesterday Celtix got its own Web site, which is the result of a lot of hard work, and a new release to download with some new features and improvements.
Now Celtix and the open source business has its own home on the Web, separate from the corporate site.
It’s not so easy to run an open source business as a startup within an established company, so having a separate home on the Web is a significant step.
The benefit of offering open source from an established company is the ability to offer the same level of support we provide for our commercial products.
The challenge is to make the right decisions for the open source business, and separating the Website to me is an example of doing that. The open source business needs to follow open source business models, not the business model of the commercial business, and an open source Website often differs from a commercial products website.


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