Web of Services Workshop program

Last week Ken Laskey, Philippe LeHegaret and I published the program for the upcoming Web of Services Workshop, sponsored by W3C and hosted by Mitre.
After a bit more than a year working toward this, and worrying that we wouldn’t receive enough papers, I am very much looking forward to the presentations and the discussions. We ended up recieving a lot of great papers, from a variety of sources, and representing a variety of viewpoints.
I am also pleased that the prorgam commitee recommended that the IONA paper start things off. Since I’m co-chair, Steve has agreed to deliver the presentation (and actually his name also should be on the paper, since he contributed to it).
Paul, Pete, and Mark have blogged about it, in Pete’s case mostly because of Nick Gall’s paper.
Rest assured 😉 that this position definitely will be part of the discussion. Nick is not the only one to raise it.
However, we also recieved several papers from users stating requirements for additional work.
I originally raised the question because the industry lacks independent leadership for Web services, and therefore it seems hard to know when we are “done.”
But my main interest, dating back some dozen years now, is in the area of enterprise software standardization. I think no issue is more significant nor more important to the industry today. Are Web services the answer? The Web? Or maybe a hybrid, as I am inclined to think.
At any rate, I’m looking forward to what promises to be a very interesting workshop. Stay tuned – although the workshop itself isn’t open to the public, the proceedings will be published.
ps Thanks very much to everyone who submitted a paper!


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