Webcast on Distributed Approach to SOA Infrastructure

Update 1/3: (and apologies for the delay) the archive for this and other Webcasts on open source and AMQP have been posted.
Yesterday Anne and I finally had a chance to catch up and prepare for Tuesday’s Webcast.
We’re trying a new format – more of an interactive style than a straight presentation. Anne is going to introduce the topic of SOA infrastructure and interview me about it, focusing on how the distributed approach is different from the centralized approach typical of most ESBs.
I like Anne’s view of SOA — she draws a clear contrast with application integration. Althought services can be used to integrate applications, that is not their main purpose (reuse is), and software which was designed for application integration (e.g. EAI brokers) is not likely to work well for reusable services.
While it’s true enough that SOA is an approach, not a technology, some technologies are better suited to SOA than others. In particular the distributed approach has many advantages – such as incremental adoption (with reasonable starting price), easier to achieve reuse (which is, after all, the main point of SOA), and greater deployment flexibility.
The distributed approach also creates some challenges around management and governance, and believe me Anne will not be shy about asking the tough questions here…
Hope to see you Tuesday! (Or if you happen to be reading this after Dec. 12, check for the archive link.)
As always, please let us know what you think. Join the Webcast and ask a question, send email, post a comment, etc.

5 responses to “Webcast on Distributed Approach to SOA Infrastructure

  1. Eric, any idea where the archive is for this?

  2. Hi Mark,
    Try this link:
    The info will be put on the IONA web site in the next day or two. I’ll post that link when I get it.

  3. Eric, that link seems to assume the meeting is taking place. Is there not some AVI file to link to?

  4. Hi Mark,
    I don’t think so. I just checked the IONA site again and the replay information has been posted, but I think it refers to the same URI.
    I will ask about a file though.

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