Eclipse Birthday

I gave the speech at the Boston area Eclipse birthday party last Wednesday. I was the token Board member so the honor was all mine…
You can find a description of the event and some photos in Debbie’s blog. Debbie did a great job organizing everything and we had a pretty good turnout.
It is amazing how popular Eclipse has become in five years, with something like 60 percent of the enterprise developers using it.
This year of course we have the SOA Tools Platform Project to look forward to as part of the next major Eclispe release.
As I told the birthday crowd just before we dug into the cake, Michael Goulde spoke at the last Eclipse Board meeting and told us that Forrester research indicates a clear intersection of interest between SOA and open source tools – he said something to us (meaning the Eclipse Board here) like we are right on target with STP.
(If you would like a little more background onSTP, check out the update I gave Search Webservices last August.)

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