Revision3 Launch Party

My daughter called last night and I was telling her that started this entry 4 days ago and still hadn’t managed to finish. She said, it doesn’t have to be perfect! Just go with what you’ve got… Finish it later. Just throw in a bunch of links and a short description 😉
And so here it is…
Through Ivan Casanova I got invited to the Revision3 launch party last week. I could not believe I did not think to bring my camera, since I usually do. But I did find a detailed description of the party that includes a link to a Flikr photo page…
Before the party about all I knew what that getting your blog listed on Digg could really increase traffic. Ivan told me that Revision3 basically got started with Diggnation, which is sort of like a Wayne’s World based on the top items on
So it makes a lot of sense for Kevin Rose to get involved with Revision3 – a kind of natural link had been established between the two.
It was a lot of fun going, and I have downloaded a couple of the shows. They are definitely different and energetic – kind of video blogs or video podcasts. I am not sure that Internet TV is going to put the commercial networks or cable TV out of business any time soon, but it is great to have something new and different to check out.


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