Daily Archives: July 28, 2006

SCA Update

This week the new SCA website went live and in addition to an update on the work we’ve completed since we kicked it off in January, we announced new partners, including Cape Clear, Interface21, Primeton Technologies, Progress Software (formerly Sonic Software), Red Hat, Rogue Wave Software, Software AG, Sun Microsystems and Tibco Software.
Greg Pavlik posted a good summary of the announcment and its importance. Guys like Greg are one of the big reasons it’s so interesting to participate in these kinds of activities – I always learn so much and meet great people.
Something I found very interesting during the press and analyst calls we held was Mark Hapner‘s positioning of JBI and SCA as complementary — that you could use the SCA assembly metadata to compose services for deployment in a JBI container. He also hinted at a possible update to the JBI specification around this.
He’s right to focus on the assembly metadata in SCA – this is the most significant aspect of it, and it is definitely something you could use in conjunction with JBI. This would be a great resolution to the “JBI vs SCA” discussion, and it is really great to have Sun on board.
But I wonder how many people will really be interested in this since we have already defined SCA support for JAX-WS, EJB3, and Spring…?