New Book Review

Gunnar Peterson posted a review of the SOA book I wrote with Greg Lomow, and also put it on the book’s Amazon page. Thanks, Gunnar!
I hear from many people privately about the book, and that’s always great, of course, but I really appreciate it when someone takes the trouble to post a public comment or review.
I’ve started posting some entries on my Amazon blog. These entries allow for comments, as does this blog – so feel free to jump in!
Gunnar is correct in pointing out that while Greg and I identified gaps in most Web services technologies in relationship to overal SOA infrastructure requirements, we did not really manage to get that far with the security specs. The chapter on security specifications was definitely one of the hardest ones to write, and I think we just kind of ran out of time on the gap analysis part.
Information about the gaps in the security specs would be a great comment to post, or a link to another page that contains this information – maybe Gunnar will post something about this in the future…
ps the Chinese language version of our book is coming out at the end of this month, and I will be in Beijing next Sunday for a book signing at the Beijing Zhongguancun book Plaza from 3-5 pm July 23. Please stop by if you are around – i will also be doing a presentation on SOA and hosting a Q&A before the signing.


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