Monthly Archives: June 2006

Messaging standards

One of the big missing pieces in middleware standards is a wire format for messaging. David Chappell posted a good write up of this problem on his blog.
The industry has spent a lot of time working on interoperable wire formats for RPC. One could argue that SOAP is intended as such a format for messaging, since the SOAP spec includes support for the document-oriented style. Or that XML provides a standard data format that messaging systems can use.
Unfortunately, as Steve also points out, this is an area that has not been well addressed in the past.
Obviously with the AMQP announcement we hope this will change.

WS-TX Meeting

Just in case anyone was wondering about how standards are made I thought I’d post this flickr link to Bob Freund’s photos of the committee outling last evening.
We are just at the end of the second day now and about ready to bring the meeting to a close. The last discussion item of the day concerns how to progress the specifications toward the next stage of adoption, incorporating the changes resulting from the issues discussed and resolved during the past two days. Check out the status of the work on our OASIS home page.
Ian Robinson and I are intent on completing the work on time, that is, within the TC charter period of a year, ending next November with agreed OASIS standard versions of WS-C, WS-AT, and WS-BA.
Meeting adjourned.