Daily Archives: May 11, 2006


Ok, this was Monday and Tuesday but I need to catch up a bit before going ahead with Munich (where I am today).
The purpose of the trip to Madrid was to meet with Telefonica, one of IONA’s longstanding customers, and present some information about SOA, Web services standards, SCA and the Eclipse STP project, within the context of their evaluation of our new product line (Artix).
It was interesting to hear about Telefonica’s recent acquisition of O2 (who is already using our new product in production in the UK) and about their IPTV solution, which apparently is being readied for sales outside of Spain.
But the highlight of the visit for me was dinner with Ricardo Jimenez-Peris, whom I’d met briefly at dinner during an ObjectWeb converence in Grenoble last month. Ricardo took me to one of his favorite restaurants, and the food was unbelievable. One of the best meals I have ever had. We had anchovies in vinegar, Iberian ham (appropriately enough for us TP guys fed on Encina acorns), a platter of mixed seafood fried in a dry batter (i.e. didn’t absorb the grease), and octopus with potatoes. This last dish was far and away the best octopus I ever tasted, just superb.
One of Ricardo’s major interests in his work at the University of Madrid is transaction processing. In fact I was a reviewer of one of his papers being presented at WWW20006. Ironically enough I will be in Edinburgh the days just before WWW2006 attending the W3C Advisory Committee meeting, where I’m chairing a panel discussion on enterprise software standardization requirements. That will also be the end of my present European tour ;-).
Anyway, the paper is based on WS-CAF and WS-Transactions. We knew each other’s work before we met, and we found a lot to talk about over dinner, dessert (great raspberry sorbet), and coffee.
Ricardo has also been researching a potential optimization for 2PC based on reliable multicast, which sounds very promising.