Daily Archives: May 10, 2006


Partway into my tour of Europe it occurs to me that it might be fun to try to blog about it. Yesterday I was in Madrid visiting Telefonica, and last night I flew from there to Frankfurt, and took the train to Weisbaden, where JAX06 is being held. The Eclipse Forum Europe is co-located with JAX06 and so it happened that I gave the presentation on the Eclipse SOA Tools Project here this morning.
As usual I was touting the vendor and platform independence of SOA, but I did not expect the question about support for the Microsoft platform. I suppose this is because Eclipse vs Visual Studio is part of the problem, I mean these are set up as competitors today.
But of course any good multi-platform, multi-vendor SOA is likely to include Windows Communication Foundation (formerly known as Indigo), and it is therefore a very good question related to the SOA Tooling project now underway, led by IONA (actually Oisin Hurley).
The only real answer I could come up with was to say that the framework we’re building is designed to be mappable to any SOA runtime, and therefore it should be possible for someone to contribute a mapping to WCF. Any volunteers?
(Now of course I have lost my network connection – somehow insufficient IP addresses in the WiFi system here or something… Hopefully I can get it back in time to post.) yay it did – but no time to review/edit…