Daily Archives: May 6, 2006

This Year’s Java One Announcement?

Rumors are already starting about what Sun might be announcing at Java One this year — will they finally agree to open source Java?
Bill Roth is among those who think Sun will announce something about a “blended model” – i.e. an open source initiative at the core of their strategy, like what we’re doing with Artix and Celtix.
Darryl Taft, one of the industry’s best reporters, has already said he doesn’t care.
I have to admit I am not exactly holding my breath, either. Sun has been regularly and consistently challenged to make Java more relevant (e.g. to XML and Web services) and more open (i.e. release control of the JCP and/or open source Java) but so far what we have seen amount to half measures at best.
If you are attending, be sure to check out What’s Happening With SOA in Open Source? (TS-2002) which will include information about what we’re doing with ObjectWeb.
When the subject comes up I can’t help but remember how Java One once mattered enough to us that we hired Spinal Tap for our Java One Party. Maybe the best Java One party ever. Complete with pole dancing strippers (they did keep their lingerie on by the way). This was of course during the bubble, in 2000, when things like this could and often did happen in the software industry. Never again. Unfortunately 😉 (I mean I really liked Spinal Tap – Christoper Guest was hilarious…)
By the way Darryl is a fan of the Baltimore Orioles. Last night the Red Sox kicked their butts but we will see what happens tonight!