Music Notes

This is one I’m really looking forward to – a collaboration between Paul Simon and Brian Eno!
Here’s another one high on the anticipation list, the Blind Faith DVD coming out ( was supposed to be April 10 but now there’s no date on Amazon, although you can preorder it). In the brief interview with Ginger Baker about it that was posted a while ago (and since taken down, I’m afraid), he acknowledges how painful it is for him to play because of his arthritis, putting something of a damper on hopes for more Cream reunion shows. The interview with him on the DVD site is well worth a read too, and the “Sea of Joy” clip well worth watching…should be a great DVD.
Recently I also bought the new album by Delbert McClinton, Cost of Living. I really liked the one I bought a few years ago, Nothing Personal so I bought the new one. I’d say it’s not quite as good as Nothing Personal but definitely has some great songs. I am a bit disappointed that he chose to record a song called “Right to Be Wrong” which he must have known was already done by Joss Stone.
I also got the new John Mayer Trio CD, which is a set of live recordings from the tour. Most of the tunes are really great, including a credible cover of Hendrix’ Wait for Tomorrow.
I don’t care, I also really like Heavier Things – this was something that I played over and over on my recent West Coast trip. I had it on my iPod and some songs from it kept coming up on shuffle mode and surprising me. Really holds up well.
A couple of months ago a got the new Beatles’ biography. The first part of it is great, where it goes into a lot of detail about their youth, what it was like to play in Hamburg, and how they made it to the top. The rest of it lacks something, perhaps because I have my own memories of them once they got famous.
While in Dublin a couple of weeks ago I picked up a Pogues anthology (Ultimate Collection) for about 10 Euros (which is apparently a good price), on the strength of the recent publicity about their reunion. It’s a two CD set, one studio and one live. You can really hear Shane McGowan slurring his words on the live side, but it still sounds pretty good.

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