Celtix 1.0 Beta

I’m really happy to see the Celtix project at ObjectWeb has reached another important milestone – milestone 5 aka V1 Beta. You can download it here.
A stable V1 is scheduled for the end of April. Check out the milestones and post V1 work item lists here.
A demo page shows how to integrate Celtix with a couple of BPEL engines and with RSS for creating a simple services directory.
Anyone looking into Axis 2 (which is still not at V1) also should have a look at Celtix. It’s a ground up and solid implementation of JAX-WS using Java 5 (including annotations) and JAXB XML mapping.
Celtix easily can be extended to plug in additional data models and communications transports beyond the out of the box HTTP, configurable JMS and WS-RM support.
V1 Beta has been integrated with the Apache Geronimo and ObjectWeb JOnAS application servers and works standalone as an ESB or as a SOAP stack within another project. The V1 Beta also includes initial support for SCA and JBI along with WS-RM, WS-Addressing, Maven, and JMX.


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