Amberpoint Partnership, Webcasts

Besides the release of Artix 4 and Celtix V1 Beta, the best thing that’s happened at IONA recently is the partnership with AmberPoint.
A couple of Webcasts are coming up where you can hear more details. Mike Gilpin of Forrester is also joining in on the first one, Wednesday April 12.
I am also looking forward to reestablishing contact with Paul Butterworth. I met him when I was working for Digital/Compaq and he was working for Forte. The Forte product was very advanced, really ahead of its time, implementing a really elegant distributed object oriented computing solution.
Whenever I talk with customers or give presentations about IONA’s distributed approach to service orientation and SOA the management question almost always comes up. How do you track and update the distributed endpoint runtimes? I am really happy the answer now includes AmberPoint.

2 responses to “Amberpoint Partnership, Webcasts

  1. Small disappointment with Artix 4.0: support for WS-ReliableMessaging, but not persistent, only in-memory! Why not follow Systinet, BEA or CapeClear and implement persistent WS-RM/WS-RX??

  2. Persistence will be there very soon. Please check back!