Artix 4

The software engineers in IONA product development have been working nights and weekends lately. The usual build up to a product release. If it isn’t one of Murphy’s Laws it should be – projects closer to deadline take more of your time than projects farther from deadline.
Artix 4.0 shipped today. It’s a major upgrade in features, functionality, and stability. This will go a long way toward establishing Artix’s leadership position in distributed service oriented infrastructure technology.
Artix 4 includes:

  • Orchestration – deployable at the endpoint or intermediary – includes Artix multi protocol support
  • WS-RM – reliable messaging for HTTP
  • Data services – creating services from data sources
  • WS-Addressing support along with WS-Coordination and WS-AtomicTransactions

Because Artix already supports WS-Security, Artix has just become the first commercial product to support secure, reliable, transacted Web services.
Integration at the endpoints means placing a bit of software at the physical point at which applications share data with each other. This can exist completely in addition to existing hub and spoke architectures. Why not use this flexibility where possible and save money and time?
Artix 4 also is priced differently than previous versions of Artix. There’s one price for the core, and ala carte prices for plug-ins and protocols, so you can avoid a big up front investment in software.

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