Daily Archives: February 21, 2006

Enterprise Mashups

And while I’m at it, Joe’s latest entry is about Enterprise Mashups.
I wrote about this in January in the context of why software standardization is so important.
But unlike this thread of blog entries starting with Joe’s latest, I view enterprise mashups as a combination of publicly available and proprietary services. Unlike purely Web-based mashups, enterprise mashups are going to include services visible only inside the firewall. Companies are just not going to share services that represent their competitive differentiation.

Even SOA Won’t Help

Any technology can be abused or misused. And it’s certainly fair to say that an SOA isn’t the answer to every problem.
But Joe McKendrick goes a little too far when he quotes Vinnie Mirchandani’s blog entry about Mike Hammer’s 15-year old paper on business process re-engineering.
Joe is right to correct those who blindly promote wrap and reuse or leave and layer strategies to SOA based integration and business process automation projects. After all, those strategies are only as good as the systems that are being wrapped and left.
But it is equally incorrect to characterize all wrapping as either bad or good. It really depends on the existing systems.
While it’s great for Joe to remind us that the wapped systems are only as good as what’s under the wrapping, the blanket recommendation to just obliterate everything and start over goes too far.