Daily Archives: February 9, 2006

Time is a River, After All

I for one am really glad to see that the old waterfall approach is making a comeback.
I did quite a few projects using this approach and some of them succeeded.
Before that we just started writing code – kind of a “code first” approach.
Putting some structure around it really helped. Although I have to say those people who used to give us all those requirements didn’t really seem to know what they were talking about.
But then it was great fun to argue for a year or two about the design before starting to code – you wanted to get it right before starting, you know. It was a lot better than just coding up some stuff and having to change it all later.
Who were these people anyway, though, who always said the code isn’t right and has to be changed? It wasn’t their code. No. So how did they know? The best thing would be to just trust the coders. If they want to add something, or change something, no problem. After all it is their code. Or somebody’s.
Yes, life before the waterfall was definitely not so easy, and that’s why it’s great it’s coming back now. I always knew this agile stuff would die down someday, just like object orientation.
Sometimes I still miss the good old days. Like Steamboat Willie or the African Queen just sailing straight ahead, never looking to see what’s around the bend.