Daily Archives: January 24, 2006

Why This is All So Important (Web 2.0 etc.)

In the last couple of posts I talked about the software productivity issue and the standardization solution.
Now I want to spend a little time on why this is all so important.
A good illustration of the potential value of standardization for enterprise software can be found in the Web “mashups” created from technologies referenced as part of the “Web V2.0” concept.
Mashups are basically composite applications that use the “programmable Web,” including Web services.
I like a lot of the ones that use Google maps, such as the one showing bike routes in Chicago, or the one that shows good beer locations in various cities.
Another one I like is the Aytozon mashup that accesses eBay and Amazon.com Web services for side by side price comparisions. This was apparently done independently of either eBay or Amazon.com by a third party who composed the Web services to create a new application.
The recent announcement of Salesforce.com’s acquisition of Strikeiron.com is also very interesting, extending the range of available hosted Web services available by subscription.
The implications for enterprise IT include the availability of new technologies such as AJAX for more easily combining Web features with enterprise applications, which can give rise to a new category of user interfaces. And with more and more Web services available on the Web (by subscription or other terms), enterprises have a growing ability to compose external services with internal applications.
Now the big question is whether the enterprise IT environment is ready and able to participate in these kinds of mashups and composite applications? Clearly if it were we would start to see the kind of innovation that we are already starting to see so visibly on the Web.