New IONA Website, updated CTO corner

I’m still catching up following the holiday break. The new IONA Web site went live near the end of 2005, and it includes an updated CTO Corner.
The CTO corner has been a link from my blog for a long time. Its URL is also published on the back cover of both of my Web services books.
This is really something that I should try keep up with a bit better. I’ll make it a New Year’s resolution, and publish it here so I’ll have incentive to stick to it.
The main value for readers of my books (and I guess even for those who don’t have either of the books) is the live links to all the reference materials I (and, in the case of the second book, we) used.
It is much easier to click on a live link than type a URL in yourself – so please check it out!
Unfortunately I discovered during the update that several of the original links from the first book are no longer valid. But it has been almost four years now…


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