Daily Archives: December 29, 2005

SYS-CON TV “Ratings”

It’s interesting that the SOA Power Panel, as of 11:50 am Eastern U.S. time at least, is more often viewed than the App Server Shoot Out, 6,148 to 5,754.
It would appear to me at least that this result is not what Jeremy and the folks at SYS-CON would have expected since they broadcast the app server shootout “live” and chose to record the SOA Power Panel for later viewing.
Of course I have no idea how many viewers “tuned in” to the Web during the live broadcast, so maybe the reason for the difference is that the App Server Shootout’s live audience reduced the number of later viewings.
On the other hand, given the SOA Power Panel’s strong replay numbers, perhaps this indicates that it is simply a better “show.” I am not sure though, if this is true, how viewers might know that it is. Word of mouth?