Daily Archives: December 25, 2005

Christmas Messages

Christmas is when we gather families together, remember friends, and indulge in the Christmas spirit.
My friend from Germany mentioned how quickly the time seemed to pass since his last Christmas message. This is a frequent item of conversation, of course, but nonetheless true. As I like to day, a 50th of a lifetime is smaller than a 10th. Time seems to accellerate as we age.
But there’s more to it. When our daughter was born it seemed like it took 100% of our attention to care for her. When our son was born about a year later, it seemed like it took another 100%. The accelleration of time hits warp speed after you have kids.
Yesterday we were listening to a classic Motown Christmas album. My daughter asked whether it was Stevie Wonder singing “One Little Christmas Tree.” Indeed it was: “One little christmas tree can light up the world.”
The Newcomer Tree Lights Up the World with Christmas Spirit
On Christmas we celebrate the best in us and think about friendship, harmony, and peace. Before I reach the end of my time on Earth I’d like to share the Christmas spirit with a few things (in no particular order):

  • Let’s have a truce in the battle over developers between Java and .NET. Let’s agree that XML is the thing to develop now. Those languages are just among the many that can be used to parse and interpret the XML.
  • Let’s call for peace among SCA, WCF, and JBI. Sticking to the standards – especially WSDL – should leave room for them all.
  • Let’s reconcile the Liberty Alliance and WS-Federation, WS-Reliability and WS-ReliableMessaging, REST and Web services, WS-Transactions and WS-CAF (well I guess we did at least manage to get a good start on this one).
  • Above all let’s just agree that the standardization of software is in everyone’s best interests, and that Web services and XML represent the best opportunity to date. Let’s focus on conformance to the specifications and finally achieve the interoperability and portability our customers have been asking for for years.

Perhaps I should have put this all on my Christmas list for Santa. But I am a strong believer in the power of the Christmas spirit. On top of that, I’m an inveterate optimist.
All the best for the holidays to everyone!