I was in Seattle last week and didn’t get much time to update the blog. Otherwise I would have posted this sooner.
The other two SYS-CON TV recordings are out:

It’s also great to see the SOA Power panel still on the most popular list. I thought that was the better of the two panels, a more lively discussion around the table, with everyone contributing and complementing what the other said.
As I mentioned, these were all done in an afternoon at the Reuters Studio overlooking Times Square.
I came from San Francisco on the redeye, walked for an hour to get some exercise and buy some dark socks (for some reason I hadn’t packed enough dark socks), slept for a couple of hours, got some lunch, and headed to the studio.
Then it was basically one panel after the other, directly followed by the one-on-one. Jeremy let me go first so I could catch my plane, but that meant I went right from the open source panel to the one-on-one. It seemed to be over before it got started. I left thinking it hadn’t gone very well – in fact wondering whether they would even post it.
I was just too tired. I didn’t manage to say everything I wanted to say. I can really see it, but I’m not sure it is so obvious to anyone who didn’t know how I was feeling. Everyone who’s seen it tells me it came out fine. So I guess you never know.

One response to “More SYS-CON TV

  1. Sounds like the conference wasn’t well received. Might have been better if they had diversity amongst panelists including some representation from actual end users of open source.
    Anyway, would love for your next blog entry to discuss integrating Iona’s ESB with a wonderful open source portal named Liferay…