Daily Archives: November 28, 2005

Robert Wyatt Review

Entertainment Weekly posted a review of the new Robert Wyatt album. They are right that this for Robert Wyatt fans, but if you are then it is great. They rightly call Rock Bottom his masterpiece, and I can’t believe they actually performed some of the songs live, since they seem so thoroughly studio tracks. Robert fills in for some of the studio sounds using his voice.
Taken together with the Alan Moore interview October 28 this explains a lot about why I just renewed my subscription. They cover a broad range of movies, TV, CDs, DVDs, and books, and their reviews are well done and reasonably impartial for a magazine with advertising.
Unfortunately their Web site is restricted if you are not a subscriber, but it is great if, like me, you are a subscriber, since extended Web site access is free.
This is unfortunately in contrast to the Consumer’s Union Website, where they ask you to in effect doubly subscribe, once to Consumer Reports print and again to the extended content on the Website.
As much as I’m a fan of Entertainment Weekly, I am a real Consumer Reports junkie. Because you just never know when you might have to buy something ;-)… I read every issue pretty much cover to cover, and have continuously subscribed for 15 years or so.
I know they don’t take any advertising, and you get real unbiased product evaluations (no entertainment reviews though), but it strikes me that they don’t really get this Web thing – if you subscribe to their content it should be one price for both, not one payment for online and another for print. I think they would actually encourage more subscribers that way, and gain rather than lose revenue (I imagine a concern over losing revenue must be the reason they do things this way).