Successful WS-TX TC Launch

Meeting hosts Hitachi Software ensured that the initial WS-TX TC meeting was kicked off in style, with the Taiko drummers from San Jose playing at the reception last Wednesday night.
Taiko Drummers of San Jose
And a great buffet at the evening reception after the first day. This has definitely set the bar high for TC hosts. Of course this was a special occasion since it was an inaugural event, but few, if any of us could remember the last time a TC was kicked off in such style. I think we voted to thank Hitachi at least three or four times (and of course we would like all votes to be so easy ;-).
One of the Food Tables at the Reception Buffet
We also got through the agenda in a day and a half, which was about a half day faster than Ian and I had anticipated. We recorded 47 participants, who heard presentations on WS-C, WS-AT, and WS-BA to provide background on the contributed works. We also had a presentation by Alistair Green of Choreology for background on the issues they’ve submitted.
Overall the specifications appear to be in good shape. With any luck we should be able to achieve our goal of progressing them to OASIS standards within the coming year. If the initial impression is to be trusted, this may be one of the few areas of WS-* in which few contentious issues exist. Then again, we are talking about an area of the industry that hasn’t changed fundamentally during the past 20 years.
Paul Knight did a great job on the meeting minutes, and Dug Davis’ chat tool was very popular.
One of the hardest tasks at a meeting like this is to gain consensus on a regular meeting time (since so many participate in multiple TCs and WGs) and on dates for upcoming face to face meetings.
Using a great “two phase” process, Ian first polled the group about which times and days the members “could live with” and then which times and days the members “could not live with.”
The winning times and days produced by this method are alternate Thursdays at 11:30 eastern (starting Dec. 1), March 14-15 at Raleigh (hosted by IBM) and May 30- June 1 at Dublin, Ireland (hosted by IONA).

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