Daily Archives: October 17, 2005

SOA Summit in San Deigo

So tomorrow I will have the chance again to get into the big silver tube at the airport by the Atlantic and get out of it at an airport by the Pacific. Sometimes I wonder what happens in between…
Thursday I get to kick off the second day of the Delphi SOA Summit in San Diego.
Many of the usual cast of characters will be there, Frank Martinez, Annrai O’Toole, Dan Foody.
It has started to get colder here in good old New England although the trees aren’t very colorful this year. The apples are good though, especially my favorite the Macoun, but already it will be nice to escape to a warmer clime for a couple of days.
Hopefully this will go well, piggybacked on the tail end of a BPM summit. My topic is on using legacy assets in an SOA. Gartner research indicates that 75% or more of services in an SOA will come from existing applications.