Cream Reunion Part 2

I was lucky enough to score a couple of tickets for the upcoming Cream reunion at Madison Square Garden. Ticketmaster sent email today saying that my tickets were printed and sent out.
I’m going with my brother Tor, who started out as a drummer and remembers learning his first solo listening to Ginger on Blind Faith.
I am already “doing my homework” listening to the live side of Wheels of Fire, the bootlegs, and the BBC CD. This last one includes the “goovy” announcer banter that really drives home how long it has been since their break up. I would recommend this CD desipte the fact it’s mono and the sound quality isn’t the best, since the performances are live and energetic, and you can really hear how Eric, Jack, and Ginger all contribute.
Rumors of the reunion have happily proven true. And now it’s coming to New York, a four hour drive away…
These old sides, especially the live performances, are just incredible. Imagine any band with the three top musicians on their respective instruments and you still only have half the impression. Each of these guys could (and in fact did) go on to lead their own bands. These guys are not only talented but also creative musically. I can’t wait!
ps Thanks Brett for letting me know about this – sorry you aren’t able to join us.

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