Microsoft MVP

Someone nominated me to be a Microsoft MVP and in July the nomination was approved. So now I am one.
A week ago I was in the middle of an open source meeting. This morning I heard from Steve Ballmer (under NDA so I can’t share details) about competing with Linux, Firefox, Google, and Yahoo among other things. It is a good thing I have long ago learned to multi thread and partition my brain 😉
No one I’ve talked with seems to know exactly how this happened. The advice I get is to accept the honor and enjoy its benefits. I definitely am enjoying the free MSDN subscription!
I have to say I was impressed with Ballmer, personally, and with how he conducted himself in front of the 1500 MVPs who made the trek to Redmond.
But the highlight for me was Allchin’s presentation on Vista. He spent a lot of time discussing improvements in development and testing procedures (acknowledging but not exactly endorsing the WSJ article on the topic) that gave me a lot of confidence in what they’re doing. The big question is how far up the “stack” these things go. Meaning will they apply to the integration between Indigo and Visual Studio, for example. Then he spent some time demo’ing the major new features. If anyone can get the job done he will.
This afternoon we are promised (in about ten minutes or so) a presentation from my old friend Don Box. It is always interesting to hear what he has to say, and he is a great presenter.
ps another highlight of the morning was a video with Bill Gates and Napoleon Dynamite.

2 responses to “Microsoft MVP

  1. Eric,
    only hope you don’t get somewhat schizophrenic, what with all those ‘bases’ you are covering…
    For the ignorant, foreigners, like me: what is a MVP?
    Cheers, john

  2. Hi John,
    Reminds me of the old joke:
    “Are you schizophrenic?”
    “Well, yes and no.”
    The MVP is Most Valued Professional, and I’m not sure how long it’s been a Microsoft program. It’s a little like a “voice of the customer” program in which the MVPs typically provide feedback on product development plans, betas, and training materials. The new MVP category of “Architecture” to which I was nominated is a bit different since it is focusing more on designs that involve multiple products and technologies, and even interoperability with J2EE…