Audioslave Concert

During a break in the Synapse meeting Friday, I started checking the Web for for music in San Francisco over the weekend.
I was very happy to discover that Audioslave was going to be here Sunday (last night), with tickets still available no less. So I immediately bought one. (Actually it wasn’t even sold out by showtime, which I just can’t believe.)
It was a general admission show, and even though I didn’t go down to the main floor until after the second opening act finished , I couldn’t believe how close I could get to the stage. It was absolutely great.
The Chronicle did not review the show, although they did have a review of the sold out Green Day show at SBC Park Saturday night. While I really also like Green Day, and think American Idiot deserved to win best album at last year’s Grammys (sorry Ray but you know I do love you too), they are just not in the same league.
Chris Cornell is a genius, which was apparent during his acoustic encore. (Also check out the Wikipedia entry on him.) And the rest of the band are tremendous musicians, which was well apparent when they came back onstage behind him to complete the encore. I don’t care what category you put it in, this is real rock ‘n’ roll.
But what is it with the cell phones and ear plugs among the younger generation fans?
As a postscript, among the sad losses from Katrina is the death of Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown. (Check this Metafilter entry on him.)
One of my real favorite albums is Professor Longhair’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Gumbo, featuring Gate on almost every track. I don’t know a better version of “Jambalaya.” He will be missed. It just seemed like he was going to go on forever.


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