Synapse F2F

As I always say, travel wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t have to leave home to do it.
After getting to be at home for a couple of days I headed out to Cupertino for the Synapse project face to face, hosted by Infravio.
It’s very nice weather out here in California, and it is really pretty cool being in the room with the other Synapse project members from Sonic, Infravio, Blue Titan, and WS02 (who by the way has a cool T-shirt out).
The notes are being captured as we go along, so if you are reading this before the end of the meeting (about 5 pm Pacific time Saturday Sept. 24), check back for further information.
We spent the first afternoon on background, including presentations on Celtix and Axis2. It seems like everyone is doing the call chain interceptor architecture these days… 😉
It is becoming clear, as the Synapse project wiki shows, that the focus of this effort is on intermediation, and what can happen in the space between the service requester and provider. Intermediaries have existed on the Web for a long time, and now we are thinking about introducing them to the middleware space.
SOAP 1.2 introduced an intermediary model, derived as I understand it from an interest in leveraging deployed Web intermediary infrastructure, but I do not know of other projects really implementing the model.


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