Daily Archives: August 22, 2005

Synapse Open Source Project

I’m very pleased that IONA is participating in the Apache Software Foundation incubator project called Synapse.
This is a significant step forward for Web services, SOA, and the Celtix project.
Synapse promises a great forum in which to extend and enhance Apache Axis toward the next generation of Web services specifications, including SOAP 1.2, WSDL 2.0 and many of the WS-* specifications. The advanced specifications have critical roles to play in SOA infrastructure.
The IONA committers on the Synapse project are also Celtix committers, establishing a connection point between ObjectWeb and Apache. Collaboration is one of the best things about open source projects, and we are glad to help promote synergy and reuse between Synapse and Celtix. It seems very likely that Synapse will use bits of Celtix and vice versa.
The important thing in all this, however, is the ability of business and government to obtain and use a fully-functional, vendor neutral SOA infrastructure. The first question about SOA is not, as some would suggest, choosing your vendor. The first question has to be: “can I move my XML to another execution environment?” It should be as easy as moving your HTML from one Web server to another.
Today, the most critical requirement for IT, a truly open SOA infrastructure, seems likely to come at least in part, if not led, from open source. Please help and help.