Blog vacation

I’m on vacation tomorrow through July 30, headed to London of all places. At first when I heard the news today I thought of canceling. After all, it isn’t just me but my son also.
I’m meeting my son Saturday at Heathrow. He’s finishing a six-week college program in Friday in Ireland, and then we’ll spend four days in London, take the chunnel train to Paris for three days, and then return home. It should be a great trip, and I have been looking forward to this for a long time now. I am not going to let those people ruin our plans.
And I’m not taking my laptop with me, for a change. Nor do I plan to spend a lot of time in Internet cafes. So the blog is also taking a vacation.
It’s been about 18 months now since Steve Vinoski suggested that we get started, and it was just starting to become popular. As this (among many articles) says, now everyone has one.
And by the way after that article (in the previous link) was published, I started receiving dozens of blog spam comments. Much more than usual. Those of you who have blogs recognize this phenomenon. They arrive regularly in any case, and for me the existence of spam comments were definitely one of the surprises in blogging. I have made a practice of closing comments and disallowing trackbacks after about a month. Otherwise I just spend too much time dealing with it. Unbelievable.
Because I cannot blog every day – unlike some other folks blogging is not my main job (don’t get me wrong, Scoble is a great guy and I enjoyed meeting him a few years ago at the Web Builders conference (now unfortunately defunct)), I try to focus on a “content” blog. Meaning I try to set aside a half day a week to create entries with some good content in them, some original ideas, opinions, or perspectives. Kind of like new articles or opinion pieces, but more personal. Hopefully to last the week instead of trying to put out brief entries daily, or several times a day, as many others do.
When I get back I will start trying some new stuff in the blog. But till then I hope everyone is able to have a great vacation this summer, as I am sure the blog is having, and keep your fingers crossed for me and my son in London next week.


2 responses to “Blog vacation

  1. Wishing u have a safe journey to London.

  2. A belated thank you, very much. It was indeed safe.