Daily Archives: June 5, 2005

Answer a Negative Blog?

Steve Vinoski has provided an excellent rebuttal to Dave Linthicum’s recent post about IONA.
The only thing left to do is wonder what could have prompted Dave to post a negative entry in the first place, and whether or not I should respond.
Never mind Dave’s inaccuracies and his clear misunderstanding of SOA, the question is whether this is in any way a correct response to anything? I cannot imagine what it might be.
Yes, the software industry has been going through some hard times during the past few years. But this blog entry doesn’t seem like it helps anything, and may even reflect badly on the author and the practice of blogging. And any response might also reflect badly on me.
This is, by the way, something I would never consider doing. And perhaps it is worse to respond at all, since it just serves to calls further attention to the original post and dignifies it with a reply.