Extensible ESB Webcast

Wednesday January 26 at 2 pm Ivan Casanova and I are presenting a Webcast on the extensible ESB.
The Enterprise Service Bus is an evolution of middleware technology that supports modern integration requirements, especially around Web service-enabled Service Oriented Architecture.
An Extensible ESB provides the enterprise level qualities of service necessary for mission critical deployments.
IONA has been working with customers on CORBA-based mission-critical SOA deployments for more than 10 years, and we are applying the lessons learned to Web services-based SOA.
Ivan and I will be talking about:

  • The evolution of distributed systems, including the growing popularity of SOA
  • The role of Web services
  • What value-add the ESB brings
  • What “extensibility” is and why it’s so important
  • Three customer use cases, including a very large deployment

I hope you can join us!

2 responses to “Extensible ESB Webcast

  1. I had a question to make.If going by what I have read in your blog,you plan to use a CORBA based implementation for your ESB,but as I know CORBA is a binary standard ?,so how is platform independence achieved?.And finally the big question will ESB also manage the services?

  2. Hi – Actually SOA is technology independent. Many IONA customers have successfully developed and deployed an SOA using CORBA.
    However, our new product is Web services based, not CORBA based. Despite the historical success of CORBA in SOA development and deployment, Web services provide a better basis for multi-vendor interoperability, so our new extensible ESB product is based on Web services.
    Regarding whether or not an ESB should also manage the services, I think the answer is yes. An ESB is a very effective way to enable, deploy, and manage services in an SOA.