Gartner Web Services & Integration Conference

“and now, ladies and gentlemen, just back from an extensive tour of the Far East, Africa, and the subcontinent…”
Well, just back from the Gartner conference in Florida, anyway, which sure feels like another world when there’s already snow on the ground here in the Boston area.
One of the highlights was Roy Schulte’s keynote the first morning (sorry, but the only link I could get is to the entire conference agenda), in which he identified the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) as the next wave in middleware. Roy said that everyone will need one for use in future integration projects, and he provided a list of ESB vendors, IONA among them.
More than 160 people attended my talk on Tuesday, and we had another pretty good crowd for the SOA and Events panel on Wednesday.
I have to say that I do not consider events as something distinct from services, though, and look forward to the day when Gartner combines their SOA and event driven architecture (EDA) paradigms.
I was also personally very pleased to hear Gartner refer to WS-CAF as “one of the three advanced Web services specs to watch” at OASIS! Especially since we have just successfully advanced WS-Context to OASIS Committee Draft, and held an interop demo at XML 2004 with Oracle and Arjuna.

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