Daily Archives: November 2, 2004

On Blogging

Blogs are really getting popular. I saw a press release yesterday announcing a new blog by Jeff Tonkel. Since when was a new blog a news item?
I also see news items about blogs, like the one about Jonathan Schwartz’s blog. “He’s been doing it again,” runs the teaser in the email from Sys-Con, “blogging that is.”
So now it’s news that someone new is blogging, and that someone already blogging has added a new entry. To be fair I guess the thrust of the Jonathan Schwartz story is about what’s in his blog related to the hot topic of open sourcing Java.
To me blogging is still something relatively new. I mean I’m often trying out new things. I think of a blog a lot like a journal, and have tried posting blogs about what I’ve been doing and where I’ve been.
Today I’m in San Francisco, for example, at the Paolmar Hotel. My room overlooks the Virgin Megastore and the Apple Store, and around lunchtime today I visited both. Boy, those iPod accessories are pricey. At the Megastore I found a copy of a Johnny Otis CD for $9.99. How could I resist?
Other times I’ve written about things I’ve been thinking about. I’ve gotten myself in trouble at least twice writing about things without adequate research. Part of the difficulty, of course, is that if you start a blog you have to keep up with it, and like any other regular column, comic strip, or TV show, you are always having to come up with new ideas. So I may pull an old idea out and write about it without taking the time to update my thinking, or try to think of something controversial to say that will get my blog noticed among all the other blogs out there.

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