The Red Sox

It’s often hard to explain to someone who didn’t grow up with it. What it means to win the World Series, that is.
Eighty-six years is a lifetime, and most Red Sox fans figured it wasn’t going to happen in theirs. It is very hard to explain what it meant for the ball to go through Buckner’s legs, for Bucky Dent and Aaron Boone to hit their game-winning home runs, or for Bob Gibson to go 3-0 in 1967 unless you lived through it.
Boston is really a baseball town. Sure the Patriots have won the Super Bowl. But the celebrations over that will look like nothing in comparison to what we will see now.
There is a tradition, a history, and a love for the game unmatched in other cities. The rivalry with the Yankees, one of sports’ greatest, and longest. If you grew up a Red Sox fan you knew, absolutely for certain, that they would let you down in the end.
They would hook you with early success and get you to believe they might win, but only to let you down. The early winning streak, being in first place early on, winning the first few games of a playoff – only to build you up for the letdown. It was like Murphy’s Law – the Red Sox could only win in order to build up false hope. This victory shifts the balance in the universe.
Somehow we were ready for it this time. The bar in San Francisco where I was when they won – it was mostly Red Sox fans. The same guy came in two nights in a row to try to sell caps with “World Series Champs” on them. But no one would buy them, not till the Red Sox had actually won.
Yes, now we can finally believe.

One response to “The Red Sox

  1. Nail on the head my friend. Nail on the head.
    The relief I feel is astounding. My dad even more so. This is truly a great time.